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Transition to our school

Defence School Mentor

We are fortunate at Grahamstown Public to have a Defence School Mentor.

The Defence School Mentor Program provides support to children of Australian Defence Force (ADF) Members and their families, particularly during their transition into and out of a school on posting. The program aims to assist the smooth transition of mobile Australian Defence Force children from school to school and across the States and Territories.

Why do we have a Defence School Mentor in our school?

The Defence School Mentor assists children and parents to quickly become part of the school community. They answer basic questions about the school and provide a link from families to the school. They also help build the school’s long-term capacity to support mobile children and their families.

Children respond differently to relocation and change. Some make a positive transition into the new school. Others may experience difficulties. These difficulties may present in changes in behaviour, loss of self-esteem and diminished academic performance.

What does our Defence School Mentor do?

A Defence School Mentor is not a teacher but a member of the school team. The duties of the DSM may include the following:

* Being a contact for new parents of ADF children in the school

* Assisting the school and parents with enrolment procedures

* Introducing ADF parents and children to the school and its facilities

* Coordinating appropriate welcoming, deployment and farewell activities for ADF children

* Monitoring day to day children’s personal issues such as friendship

* Acting as a referral point for cases requiring specialised educational advice

* Supporting individual children’s needs as required

* Contributing to the school newsletter items of interest to families

* Providing opportunities for ADF families to meet other ADF families.