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Afternoon Procedures

While waiting for the 3pm bell, we ask all family members to wait on the picnic tables away from the classrooms. The afternoons are still a very busy learning time and the end of the day is a crucial time when teachers often give reminders or important messages to your children. People having conversations outside classrooms, looking into windows and toddlers running around can be very distracting to the children and causes unsettled classrooms. When the 2.55pm bell goes, ALL students will line up according to how they get home. This enables teachers to make sure children get to the right place for getting home and provides a much safer environment for leaving the school. Lately we have had people taking their children while they are on their way to these lines and this causes confusion for them and their teachers. It is only 5 minutes between bells and I ask that you respect our procedures. I would hate for a child to go missing at the end of the day so the procedures are put into place to prevent this from happening.